TRAVEL NOTES by Tòfol Tobal
1985 - 2021: text in Spanish 

Field work in Rift Valley, Kenya. TUAREG+OAG TransKenya 2013 Expedition

If you want an e-copy (PDF file) of my Travel Notes, please contact  me on

    I am working (2021) in these travels notes.....

        2019 : Morocco: Atlantic coast: From Essaouira to Tarfaya 



2021-2022: TransScandinavia: Finland - Norge - Lofoten Islands - North Cap - Sweeden with motorhome. In Process
2019: MOROCCO: Atlantic coast. Essaouia - Agadir - Antiatlas - Sidi Ifni - Tarfaya - Marrakech
In Process.     
2018: ICELAND: Circumvalation road, Vestamanna islands and Peninsulas of NW, N and SW         with motorhome.

     2017: EEUU: Pacific coast & Middle West: From California to Wyoming across Natural Parks.  (TSE IX). (PDF File)

      2016: Kamchatka: Petropavlosk-Kamchatsy - South East volcanoes. Avacha Bay. Ohotsk           Sea (PDF File)

2015: Faeroe Islands: Tórshavn and journey through the archipelago. (TSE VIII) (PDF File)

2013. Kenya: TransKenya-Rift Valley, North-South Natural Parks - Turkana Lake
(HTSE VII). Vol.1 & Vol.2 (PDF File)

2012: Southern Tunisia: Mareth-Akarit-Gafsa WW II battlefields . Choot el Jerid-Fejaj-Matmata mountains. (PDF File)

2012: Uzbekistan: Aral sea, Qizilqum desert, ancient fortress, Aidarkul lake and silk road cities. (PDF File)

2011: Southeast Morocco: Erg Chebbi, Dadés valley and Atlas mountains. (PDF File)

2010: Svalbard (IV) Support to "Noorderlicht" schooner. Spitzbergen-80ºN. Tòfol Tobal & Ramon Solís. (PDF File)

2009: Southeast Algeria. Hoogar and Assekrem mountains. (PDF File)

2009: Svalbard (III) "Antarctic Dream" ship. Circumnavegation of Svalbard-81ºN.(PDF File)

2008: Transsiberian railways from Moscow to Irkust and Baikal lake. Total Solar
Eclipse (TSE III). Notes & Vol.1, Vol.2 & Vol.3 Photographic trip from the train. (PDF File)

2008: Svalbard (II) "Noorderlicht" schooner, Spitzbergen-80ºN. (PDF File)

2007: Svalbard (I) "Noorderlicht" schooner, Spitzbergen-80ºN. (PDF File)

2006: Southwest coast of Greenland (I) . Geomorphology and glacier landscapes. Northen Lights. (PDF File)

2006: Libya (III): Tripolitania-Cirenaica-South Jalo. WW II battlefields. Total Solar Eclipse (TSE II). (PDF File)

2006: Libya (II): Tunis-Djerba-Tripolitania-Fezzan-Akakus. (PDF File)

2005: Libya (I). Tunis-Djerba-Tripolitania-Fezzan-Akakus. Annular Solar Eclipse (ASE I).(PDF File).

2000-2005: Historical and Cartographical field work in Pyrinees: Research in Maladeta mountains 

2000-2005: Journey in Maladeta Mountains (Tòfol Tobal & Jofre Torelló). 

(PDF File)

1994 "Belinsky" ship. Waterways from Moscow to Karelia and Onega - Ladoga lakes (PDF File)

1986 "Overwinning" ship. West Neederlands and Frisian Islands. (PDF File)


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